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corporate - complete solution for Transporation

Guru Travels will provide a complete solution for Transporation.The Services we offer will deliver the following:-

  • Safe and comfortable transportation service for the employees in vehicle that meet every criteria mutually defined by the client and us.
  • On time conveyance from / to multiple locations by the shortest routes, at reduced travel times.
  • Real time tracking, monitoring of vehicles en-route from pickup to last point of drop.
  • A dynamic response mechanism, to accommodate any changes in schedules / routes for pickups and drops.
  • A cost efficient service, providing a per head rate irrespective of kilometers done.

  • Guru Travels Staff pickup & Drop Best  Quotation
    Minimum per month Threelaks Business only this Tariff

    KM Indica Non A/C Tavera Non A/C Van or Tempo Non A/C
    0-30 480 550 750
    30-50 600 680 880
    50-70 780 880 1150
    70-90 980 1080 1400
    90-110 1150 1380 1680
    Ex 1 KM Rs 8.50 9.75 13.50

    The Process Flow:-

  • Creation of routes / roster management:-
    • Different process roll out their schedules shift wise; and the same are made available to our control Center.
    • Our monitoring system enables us to notify any failed pickups or delays in any trip to the processes concerned within minutes of occurrence.
    • Standby vehicles at different locations in the city take care of emergencies.
    • Our fleet – control system:
    • Selection of drivers, training on customer handling adherence to safety norms, upkeep of vehicles, personal turnout of staff are all carried out as per accepted norms.
    • All vehicles are equipped with mobile phones. The control room to be established in the client premises are manned 24/7. Our trained control room supervisors co-ordinate all pickups and drops, constantly tract the vehicles from point to point, and communicate with the drivers on all updates of additional pickups and drops.
    • A route analysis is undertaken and time to start the trip is also fixed taking into account time of the day, traffic congestions en-route, etc. The control room follows up with drivers to ensure adherence to these norms and detects / reports anomalies with reasons.
    • Backup vehicles will be strategically positioned in different parts of the city to be dispatched on a quick response basis in the event of breakdowns or additional pickups during the shift times.
    • Comprehensive daily log reporting vehicle wise and trip wise with actual number, of employees picked up, are generated on a daily basis and sent out to Operations / Administration in your format.
  • Support requirements from client’s end:

    • The Process have to rollout their schedules not later than 48 hours before commencement of new shifts
    • All changes in drops / additional pickups have to be mailed 4 hours before scheduled drop / pickup times.
    • All process managers or representatives should have an operational review meeting with managers on a weekly basis to continuously improve the efficiency.

    Guru Travels   hereby proposes to provide the transportation solution , on the following terms and conditions:-

    The quantified SLA are as under:

    1. We shall ensure that vehicles report with agents at the Client Premises within prescribed time before the start of the shift.
    2. We shall provide a safe and comfortable journey to the agents within a maximum travel time of one hour and forty five minutes per route.
    3.   We shall be deploying TEMPO TRAVELLER / TAVERA / SUMO with 11+1 , 9+1 seating capacity and Indica with 4+1 seating capacity.
    4.  We shall provide vehicles certified for mechanical fitness and shall maintain cleanliness of vehicle inside and outside.
    5.   All vehicles will have drivers qualified to do the job with proper training and good turnout.

    We commit to an on time performance of pickup and drops. The following areas need to be mutually coordinated to make it possible.

    I Pickups

    1. Time Efficiency: - Reporting time will be fixed 15 minutes before the actual start of the process shift. Depending upon the traffic level during peak hours or any other factors in transit a safe margin of maximum 120 minutes has to be provided for, before the agent actually occupies the seat.
    2. Charts indicating pickup time at the first point will be handed over to the process who will clearly advise agents on time adherence. No more than 3-4 minutes of waiting time will be provided at each pick up point, based on a comfortable travel time of 90 to 120 minutes per route.
    3. The cabs will have to move on to the next pick up time after waiting for the time fixed at each point.


    All drops will be at scheduled times with again a maximum of 30 minutes waiting before departure. Any changes in drops will be authorized by the Process Head and intimated to us four hours ahead of closing time of the shift to make arrangements for additional drops.


    1. The roster of operations will made available by the client, to Guru Travels at least 48 hours prior to commencement of Shift.
    1. Guru Travels will ensure the travel time total does not exceed 90 minutes for normal routes and 120 minutes on designated routes during peak hour timings when traffic bottlenecks exist, barring unforeseen circumstances
    1. The offer is on the basis of only one scheduled round trip per route per day at the timings fixed as per chart.
    1. Guru Travels will have sufficient back up arrangements for supporting scheduled trips.